Twitch Ambassadors

Twitch Ambassadors

Our Twitch Stream Ambassadors provide a glimpse into the talented content creators that are a part of the Cookout community. Each Ambassador brings something of value to the table, in their own unique ways. Be sure to stop by their streams when you get a chance!


Followers - 260

PopMuertos is a sugar skull illustration project - "Pop" like culture, and "Muertos" like Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I do all my illustration live on stream, featuring sugar skull characters from TV, Movies, Video Games, and more! Tune in for some eyes-closed drawing warm ups where I try my best not to butcher your favorite characters, and stick around for special appearances by my corgi, Pickles, and my rottweiler, Samus!


Followers - 360

I believe in being positive influence on the platform while being entertaining and funny.I love a great mix of chill games, indie and AAA games. Whether it dodging monsters in Monster Hunter World or farming tasty veggies in Stardew Valley. Games that offer a chill experience or a steady challenge, I am all about!


Followers - 1565

If you're into wrestling, fighting games and side scrollers, then come check out Big Willie-isms. Come act a fool with us and let's have some fun! Oh, and did I also mention that I'm a cosplay/fashion photographer! I do photo edits as well! Come through!


Followers - 775

Are you looking for some late nite mildly entertaining shenanigans in your streaming digest? Then come hang out with Gongju Lee and her Loverly Friendos! We're an inclusive & supportive community filled with lewd positivity. No matter your quirk, we got your flavor and you're always gonna have a chill time with Gongju Lee.


Followers - 2400

Former MMO player & New Roguelike Addict ~ Expect tryharding and Big plays here!

Kav P

Followers - 885

They usually play games that take themselves too seriously and games that don't take themselves seriously at all. They also make art from time to time, often to the sound of archaic production music records!

Jermaine Plays

Followers - 3930

I'm creating a space where we check in with each other regularly and encourage each other in our gaming and personal goals. It's also a space to connect to in a time when many are disconnected. High ideals for a game stream, but this is why people watch my stream. To belong somewhere and be remembered and recognized. There's also really great music. Some folks just watch for music discovery. Then those who watch because they enjoy hanging out with a energetic and highly interactive streamer trying to find his way on twitch.