Community Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (as of 8 July 2020) ***TO BE UPDATED***

The Cookout is a safe space for content creators of color and to keep it that way, certain things are not tolerated. While we appreciate different opinions on a wide variety of topics and encourage you all to learn from each other; some things in any context will not be tolerated and will count as a strike against you or an even worse punishment in these spaces.

  • Being a person of color is not the only qualification for being a member of this community. We have standards that include making sure that members respect and uplift one another while also making sure to encourage healthy environments for streaming and gaming.
  • We encourage growth and understand that for those who are still new to these discoveries, having other like-minded individuals around can help  that process to flourish. Leaving toxic culture and abusive mentalities and actions out of this space is crucial to our growth and stability as a community.

We want our members to do the right thing when it matters.

Strike System and No Tolerance:

Below you will see a list of offenses. Each will include the punishment. For lighter offenses there will be a strike system in place in which case a strike is issued and recorded by the admin team for a member’s behavior. For severe offenses a person can be issued an indefinite ban.

1st Strike will result in one admin member talking to you about the offense, explaining why it was a problem and removing it from public spaces if possible. This becomes part of a member’s record and if possible, evidence will be saved for future reference.

2nd Strike will result in a sit down with the team to determine if the member is still a good fit in the community.

3rd strike will lead to removal from the community including the website, all stream teams, show positions and community spaces. This can be a indefinite ban depending on the offense.

Homophobic/Transphobic/Racial Slurs and Other Derogatory Language:

Questioning someone’s sexual orientation and calling it your opinion is is not an option here. You are arguing that certain people shouldn’t be allowed to exist as their true self. Do not demean others by using racial or homophobic slurs. Just because you are of one race does not mean you are not capable of showing prejudice to another race with your words or actions. Usage of any slur is considered no tolerance.

  • Using slurs that are considered harmful after being told that that language is not allowed is considered no tolerance.  If you are caught using such language in the discord, your stream or on social media, you will be removed from the community for 16 months. After 16 months time you will need to reapply in which case you will go through a thorough screening process to determine if you have grown as a person and are able to rejoin the community.
  • If racist or potentially homophobic statements are made it is up to the Admin Team to decide if it is a no tolerance offense. This is for situations where slurs were not used but the statements were problematic. If determined that the offender has learned from the interaction after it is brought to their attention by an admin, they will be issued a strike. If a similar issue occurs after this point regardless of previous leniency, they will be removed indefinitely.

Toxic Masculinity/Misogyny

  • We hope to make this space safe for everyone, but we are very sensitive to making sure this space is safe for women because many spaces in gaming are not. Aggressively toxic mentalities that involve gaslighting or encouragement of traditional gender stereotypes as the only options in the streaming and gaming space are not allowed here.
  • While we understand that people come from all walks of life and are not all in the same place when they enter the space, there is a limit to what can be allowed. If the Admin Team feels like you are trying to understand and that you are able to learn from your mistakes and grow as a person, they will be more lenient.
  • This does not mean that everybody has to explain why something is toxic for you if they don’t want to. “Tell me why I’m wrong” Is not a good way to have a conversation with people who are trying to be respectful. Leave devil’s advocate arguments on twitter. If you have a question about something brought up and it isn’t answered, ask a admin or mod to explain or use google. You are not entitled to any member’s time. They do not have to respond because you want them to.
  • These kinds of issues will lead to you being warned by an admin in which case the strike system will occur. Depending on the severity of what is said, the Admin Team can decide to negate the strike system and remove you from the community at any time. If removed for this reason you will be banned from rejoining the community indefinitely.

Slut Shaming

  • If you spend time on stream calling women offensive terms like “titty streamers” or “stream thots” and talking about women in a derogatory way, you will be warned for your behavior. Treat women and each other with respect. This also goes for women shaming other women. This is not something that members should be engaging in on or off stream. You will be warned and given a strike. If it is a severe violation, you can be removed indefinitely at the Admin Team’s discretion.


  • If it is determined that you are involved in harassing another member on stream or leading others to harass, you will be removed from the community. This is not the same as having a disagreement with a member. If you are actively tearing down a member’s name on your stream, it’s not a good look for you or this community. Treat others with respect. If you have an issue with someone, talk with them directly or get someone to mediate for the two of you.
  • If it is determined that you are harassing a member OR non-member by sending people to troll their stream or putting their image or their stream up on your stream to talk bad about them to your viewers, you will be removed from the community for 16 months time. This rule just like the other rules can become an indefinite removal depending on the severity of the incident.

Misusing the Community Space:

  • The discord and other spaces are not a one stop shop for you to spam people with your newest videos or to DM every man or woman you are attracted to that you see speak in the community. If members come forward with complaints of you sending unsolicited messages or self promotion when you have had no prior relationship or contact, you will be warned by the admin team. If the problem continues you will be removed and your membership revoked for 12 months.
  • If you are using the space to promote in public spaces of the discord and are not becoming an active member of the community otherwise, you can be issued a strike or removed for repeat offenses.

Sexual Misconduct

  • When an accusation of sexual assault or abuse is made involving a member, we take all allegations very seriously. We do believe victims and encourage members to share with the Admin Team or moderators  if they feel like they are in danger or if other members may be put in danger by someone in the community.
    • If an accusation is made, we will remove the accused party from the discord and other spaces immediately while an investigation takes place. Some situations take time and we respect the victim’s right to privacy once coming forward. We DO NOT talk about the investigation with other members and we DO NOT include the name of the victim or other details to the accused party. We will tell the accused party that they are being removed for a form of misconduct.
    • Because of the nature of this issue we will not publicly disclose this information on social media or other outlets but we will inform other organizations of what has happened so that they too can keep their communities safe. We do not want to unleash potential harassment on the victim by sharing any detailed information so any info shared will be basic in nature unless given permission by the victim directly.
  • If the accusations are determined to be true, the community will be notified in discord of the removal and the member will be removed indefinitely from the community. If it is determined that someone is falsely reporting information that is not true about something as serious as sexual abuse to get another member banned, that person will be removed from the community for a 8 month period. If both parties are guilty of such accusations, the Admin Team will determine punishment.

Things That Are Not Considered Punishable Offenses:

  • Someone not Liking You: There are over 500 people in this community. Realistically, you will not get along with every single person at all times and that’s ok. We doubt that you get along with everyone in any workplace environment either. This is part of life and we hope that you will be mature adults. Realize that the space is available to meet and get to know people you do enjoy being around. The team will not get into the business of listening to petty personal disagreements.

Relationships: If you have a falling out with a significant other, it is not The Cookout’s responsibility to remove that person or take sides. We as a community will support all members as long as there are no issues of severe mental abuse or domestic violence. We do not want to hear how terrible a girlfriend or boyfriend somebody was and how they shouldn’t be allowed in the space unless they are a danger to the space because of previous actions. Be mature and realize that breakups happen. Also keep in mind that slandering members on stream is against one of the earlier rules. If you have an issue with someone then DM them directly or take it to your personal discord space. 
If you have any further questions, you can contact an admin in the discord or reach us by email at