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COLUMN — “Blacks At Xbox:” Great Community. Not-So-Great Marketing.

By Paul “Tru1P” Holston | @Tru1P | 5:30 PM EST, Thurs. March 28, 2019 This is a friendly reminder to both you as a reader and to all gaming companies across the world: Black people should not be your go-to diversity-marketing ploy. Please include diversity and inclusion in your original branding, objectives and mission values. “Tokenism,” according to the Merriam

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The Podcast Extra

The second episode of the The Cookout podcast will drop on the 30th March from 12pm EST! With the new format, we will be premiering the podcast on twitch then having a live show straight after! This episode we are talking about Woman’s History Month, “Blacks at Xbox” Brexit, Google gaming streaming and other thangs.

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