#TheCookoutTurns2: Reflections From The Cookout Community

By Editorial Staff | 6:20 PM EST, Mon. May 13, 2019

On May 13, 2017, The Cookout was created on the foundation as a Black centered space that has evolved to being open to all People of Color as a safe space to connect, discuss various topics and to create [ABOUT US/HISTORY OF THE COOKOUT]. Two years later, we have evolved into a community of over 600 members and have continued to grow as both a community and organization. We realized that a group such of ourselves was needed in both the gaming and content creating industry and we look forward to continue to grow! On our second year anniversary, The Cookout collected reflections from respective members of The Cookout Fam answering the question: “What does The Cookout mean to you?”

“What does The Cookout mean to me? I had a Twitch account for years, but not too long ago, I really started being active again. I watched Xmiramira every chance I could and when I started streaming she introduced me to The Cookout. Before I really didn’t really get a chance to see many People of Color streaming. Maybe a few, here and there, but I really wanted to be apart of a streaming community that I could feel comfortable with and relate to. Now that I am officially apart of The Cookout, I truly feel like I have a streaming fam. Thank you!”

AdrianaEliseG [Twitch / Twitter]

“What The Cookout means to me: Unity, love, genuine friendships and family. I joined this group to have a safe space to find people that I can relate to and play games with. I have met so many awesome ppl from all walks of life and cultures. Because of this group, I have learned so many things from so many people and have had a love for gaming again. I remember having a really rough day and a member of the group Genesis (he doesn’t know this), but he really made my day with just a simple hello and funny conversation. From that moment on I knew I was in the right place. Even when your IRL family and friends forget about your birthdays or major accomplishments in your life, The Cookout doesn’t. If you are looking for family, unity, a genuine group of pol and emotional support you have found it. This group is one of the best things that has happened to me and has brought me out of my shell tremendously. The leaders and the members of this organization are amazing and I am forever grateful to be a part of an awesome Family.”

DaFemalePhenom [Twitch / Twitter]

“What does The Cookout mean to me? It’s simple. Being a Person of Color and an avid gamer/nerd/anime fanatic made me mostly alone during my childhood. I mean, how many African-American kids in the 90s and early 2000s were singing ‘Cha La Head Cha La’ at the top of their lungs? Now, I have this amazing opportunity to be a part of a community of people who are open minded, like the same things as myself and, for once, I’m not the minority. It makes me feel like I’m not so alone anymore. Speaking of singing anime intros: Cookout Choir when?? xD”

Anubis [Twitch / Twitter]

“I started streaming inconsistently last year. I was shy, I was nervous and I didn’t feel like I would find my own community. I started watching other streamers. I began noticing little fire symbols on their streams or in their panels “The Cookout.” My curiosity peaked. So I checked them out. Being a part of this community makes me feel comfortable to be myself on my own stream. Being a part of this community gives me ideas on how to improve my stream, how to grow my channel, and how to showcase the best of myself on Twitch. As a matter of fact, this past Mother’s Day weekend I was featured on a gaming Podcast and I used some of my time promoting The Cookout. I want as many people as I can reach to know the same feelings I have about this group. And that feeling is confidence. Thank you.”
RubieRose [Twitch / Twitter]

“The Cookout Community is a place where I’m constantly reminded that People of Color can come together, work together and effect change. It is a place where ideas are shared and, in addition to that, we find plenty of encouragement to those who are considering any type of creative endeavors. Like a moth to a flame, communities like these can be a breath of fresh air. We also have to be mindful of silos that can be birthed from communities targeting a specific demographic and great leadership can uproot that very quickly. The Cookout is a reminder that coming together for the greater good is doable and we should always strive to be better than we were yesterday.”
Uriyya [Twitch / Twitter]

“What Does The Cookout Mean to Me? The Cookout is a place where I can meet other POCs to collaborate, play games with, talk about movies and anime and generally just hang out. I talk with some of the people here and I feel like we been friends for years. I feel like I also found my tribe. I thank you guys for that.”

KKSGaming [Twitch / Twitter]

“What That Cookout means to me is friendship and camaraderie. I started streaming because I wanted make more friends and become more social in my life. I slowly was able to meet some amazing people on Twitch, but it wasn’t until I was invited to join The Cookout that I was able to connect with so many like-minded and genuinely kind people. This community has not only gave me the opportunity to grow as a broadcaster, but help me remain inspired creatively by seeing the community as a whole support everyone as content creators. What makes this community even more special to me is that is an inclusive community for PoC, so it’s encouraging to see that such a place exist for all of us to grow and thrive together. Joining The Cookout has been such a positive experience in my life, I’m very grateful to be part of such a wonderful and supportive community.”
Gongjulee [Twitch / Twitter]

“The Cookout to me is a great place to feel welcome. I’d met people who share some of the same interests and had a lot of fun! What the mission and the goals the organization has going is great and would like to help in anyway I can! The friendships is awesome and some of the Questions of the day has me really thinking.”
AkitakUzu [Twitch / Twitter]

“What does being in The Cookout mean to me? It feels like being a part of something bigger without getting lost in the sea is voices and amazing personalities. I love being a part of a community that is interested in not just entertainment, but changing the world for the better, one mind at a time. Being able to have a discussion and know there are others that can relate to me…The Cookout has become a place for me to be myself and connect with the nearly forgotten and often ignored group that I am proud to share my heritage with.”
Eferhilda [Twitch / Twitter]


“I am fairly new to The Cookout, but it’s one of the coolest groups to come about. Giving people a chance to be creative, share ideas, and delivering positivity for streaming and playing video games. The Cookout has provided me with new friends and great laughs.”

JBlaze3691 [Twitch / Twitter]